Sample Essay

The customer of this sort would expect the same taste, quality and requirements that he got from one area product to be applied elsewhere. The example of the entertainment industry can be used in this regard as the audience is made to water movies upon movies either regarding the same theme, sequels or even series regarding the same issue.

Therefore, a sense of predictability has become a prominent feature of all our lives and we operate by it. Whether it is going to the office from 9 to 5, going for some sort of entertainment on the weekends-we do follow a course which more or less is decided and is hence, predictable. The human race is being doctrine by the idea of predictability and any deviation has become a source of risk.

The other theme which was taken on by the author of this book was the idea of control through the substitution of nonhuman for human technology. In Ritzer’s own words:

“these two elements are closely linked. Specifically, replacement of human by nonhuman often oriented towards greater control. The great source of uncertainty and unpredictability in a rationalizing system are people –either the people who work within those systems or the people who are served by them.”(Ritzer 1994:148)

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