Essay: Self Reflection

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Essay: Self Reflection

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Other than the face there are other rituals an individual adopts while interacting with others, this is the body language or the poise of an individual that is also in one way or the other related to one’s face as it helps the individual maintain it. Since, the face is a mask it helps people conceal a great many things especially those that can earn them embarrassment and alienation in their social setting. The face prevents embarrassment and the social situation can cause people to assess and re-assess the repertoire of behaviour they have adopted. These are methods of self-reflection whereby the individual is able to reflect back on his behaviour or events that has just transpired and react appropriately to it. (Burns 2002: 20-25)

In the clip from Catherine Tate show that centres on a group of people at a funeral including Sheila Carter a strict, Scottish woman who demands the dead to be respected in the funeral car by observing silence. She puts on a face that is stern a rude, and her body is poised in a way that signifies her strictness and austerity. She tries to impose her values on to other people by asking them to show respect to the dead, but in the end when everyone has silenced themselves she loudly breaks a wind that baffles and disgusts everyone around her.  (Young 1990: 69)

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