Essay: Self-pleasuring among Autistic Adolescents

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Essay: Self-pleasuring among Autistic Adolescents

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Since, the main source of the problem lies in the fact that autistic individuals lack the necessary social skills and interactions with people; which is the main barrier when it comes to giving them formal education regarding the matter. These individuals do improve and develop the necessary skills in life but the rate of progression is not that fast to fulfil the demands and requirements of their bodily changes.

They are likely to develop very negative ideas about sexuality because the main source of information on this matter is largely the media and observation; which may provide them with erroneous perceptions of the matter because of their disabilities. Self-pleasuring and masturbation are largely the main areas where the adolescent is lacking the prior knowledge as a result of lack of social interactions and skills. Adolescents may start masturbating in public, may touch their own and other people’s genitals; which can cause significant amount distress and embarrassment to people around them.

Ruble and Dalrymple (1993) assert that almost 65% of individuals who have autism touch themselves publicly, 23% masturbate publicly, and 28% strip themselves of their clothing in publicly. Other studies reveal that up to 52% of those who have autism masturbate publicly and 90% demonstrate sexual behaviour that target strangers or other individuals who are not consensual partners or matches i.e. caregivers or service providers (Haracopos & Pedersen, 1992).

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