Essay: Segmentation of Starbucks

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Essay: Segmentation of Starbucks

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The target market for a company refers to the potential customer base that it will be promoting itself to. This segmentation may be performed on the basis of demographic, psychographic or geographic fundamentals.  One of the major reasons accounting for the success of Starbucks include its successful projections for the target market segments.

The company had initially begun by targeting the young college goers and high school students, neighborhoods and those social classes who were prone to and most responsive to the consumption of a cup of coffee costing $3 everyday. This promotion was also directed to the youth who preferred to go out and hang with their friends at parties every evenings or weekends. After analyzing the potential coffee consumers aged between 18 and 35, Starbucks then, moved on to targeting avid and savvy coffee drinkers and those who had started enjoying the “Starbucks Experience”.

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