Essay: School Uniforms in the State of California

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Essay: School Uniforms in the State of California

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Schools are a place where one goes to learn and in order to do so; a certain environment has to be created. If one was to examine the gang culture of the United States, even they have a dress code allowing themselves to be distinguished from the rest but at the same time making sure that they follow the gang’s rules.

In the State of California alone, uniforms were enforced by regulatory act in order to counter the effect of such a gang-culture; a culture which breeds discrimination ad acts of violence. This need was in order to create a school discipline and in order to provide an equal safe ground for all.

By enforcing uniforms in the United States, the government makes sure that this gang culture is not allowed to exert its influence within the school walls. Hence, allowing all to be treated the same way and exerting a level of control over the students’ behavioral patterns.

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