Essay: Safety planning experience

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Essay: Safety planning experience

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As the Fran’s rehabilitation counsellor, I believe that Fran would be really scared and frightened because throughout the eighteen years of her marriage she has lived in constant fear of her husband and now that she is finally taking a stand; trying break free from him; this will be a little too much to deal with for her. She is most probably ambivalent about her husband and is not really sure whether she should go ahead or not. She is going through a major cost-benefit analysis, whereby she is assessing the entire situation along with the costs and benefits involved in this. (Marcelino. 2009)

Safety planning gives Fran the prior assurance that she longs for and gives her the strength and confidence to go ahead with the plan. The drawbacks of this plan is that it is not completely fool-proof, as discussed earlier there is a high probability that Fran might get caught and as a result this may lead to major repercussions. Though, the safety plans give a sense of hope to Fran, who has lived almost her entire in the fear of her husband and immense amount of oppression. As for Fran’s decision, I believe she made the right choice by going ahead with this because considering all her other options she can not do much about her situation anyway. Therefore, she made the right decision by choosing to flee from her abusive husband and the years of guilt that he made her feel for something that was not really her fault. Everyone has a right to live their life the way she wants to and therefore, I do not disagree with Fran’s decision at all. (David & Lyon. 1988)

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