Sample Essay

The era of Romanticism was originated in Europe at the end of the second half of the eighteenth century.  Generally the word Romanticism is referred to some specific poets, musicians, writers and artists. This term also include philosophical and political thinkers of the eighteenth century.  It was an intellectual and artistic movement which gained popularity and power after Industrial Revolution. It was involved strongly in literature, visual arts and music.

Romanticism took ancient customs and folk arts to something amazing. Romanticism is rooted with a German movement which believed that emotions and intuitions are superior to rationalism. The “Triumph” that Peckham sees is the emergence in writers like Wordsworh of a strategy for re-forming the self and learning to think differently. Meyer Abrams sees this process as a naturalization of the Christian story of redemption.  Peckham sees it as a more psychological and intellectual resolution. The first generation of Romantics inherited a universe with an inherent contradiction. Romanticism has the inability to live any longer with such a contradiction.

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