Essay: Romanticism in Literature

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Essay: Romanticism in Literature

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Romanticism in literature, have found periodic themes in criticism of the past or the alternative of sensibility with its focus mainly on children and women. The “Triumph” that Peckham sees is the emergence in writers like Wordsworh of a strategy for re-forming the self and learning to think differently. Meyer Abrams sees this process as a naturalization of the Christian story of redemption.

Peckham sees it as a more psychological and intellectual resolution. According to Peckham s all the major literary thoughts are the result of emotional unbalance. (Peckham, 13) Romantic literary movement also adopted the same attitude. In terms of artistic trend Romanticism was born in Europe when the eighteenth century was about to end. Romantic characters have seen the periods euphoria followed by the harsh times of depression. Peckham believes that the first generation of Romantics inherited a universe with an inherent contradiction. In general Romanticism is the realm of destructive and often emotional responses against the logical reasoning. (Peckham, 24) Peckham explain that world is a tragedy and the life is a frustrated reality. The first or the positive phase of Romantics was a good time as compared to the second and the third phase.

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