Essay: Rogerian perspective of personality

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Essay: Rogerian perspective of personality

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Essentially, his view of personality depicts that all humans are driven by the inherent desire to grow and develop, and achieve self actualization; which is the point where by the individual truly defines his or her values completely. His theory of personality states that an individual’s behaviour and personality is largely dependent on the individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions of the world. Rogerian perspective of personality and behaviour viewed the development of personality as a subjective area and according to him, in order to gain greater amount of insight into the behaviour of an individual towards a particular situation it is always best to attain the person’s views and perspectives in a subjective way. (Carducci. 2009)

Roger’s theory was very different from that of Freudian perspective because he did not focus on childhood events that preceded the behaviour but rather the thought processes. The mind does function on three levels but other than he focused on the other variables that are responsible for the growth and development of the self and the self is the product of interactions between the external and internal demands, and also the interactions between the demands and needs of the conscious and unconscious level of mental functioning. (Carducci. 2009)

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