Essay: Rivalry between Google and Apple

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Essay: Rivalry between Google and Apple

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This began a hardware game between the two rivals and it was becoming an open threat to Apple’s iPhone. The main focus of Apple is to make entirely new kind of mobile phone applications. According to Chris Cunningham who is the founder of New York mobile advertising both the competitors are getting ready for an ultimate fight.

During a press conference the Apple spokeswoman refused to tell about company’s relationship with Google and she also did not comment on Apple’s advertising policies. She told the press that executives are not allowed to join this story. According to Vic Gundotra who is the vice president of Google’s engineering section “Apple is our close and valued partner and we both will continue to help each in order to run the mobile ecosystem smoothly. Last year Apple announced its subscription plans. Apple said it will target publishers who are interested in selling their digital content through iPod, iPad and iPhone. After this move by Apple, Google also disclosed their subscription plans. One big difference between the two companies is that Google and Apple do not want to share their revenue with each other. In terms of service Apple cuts thirty percent from its subscribers while Google takes only ten percent from their subscribers.

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