Essay: Representing McDonald as the paradigm of McDonaldization

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Essay: Representing McDonald as the paradigm of McDonaldization

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One of the weaknesses which are inherent in this book is the fact that by representing McDonald as the paradigm of McDonaldization the actual progress is negated and undermined in a lot of ways. There comes across an excessive dependence on the Weber theory and that what can be used to overcome the problems is the multiperspectivist approach.

The rationale of the book clearly comes as a method of presenting the sociological theory of Weber to rationalize the theory with a number of empirical data usages. He adds to the analysis of Weber which was further carried out by this book as he tries to restructure a vast array of areas which extend from the general social dynamics  and the larger structure of the social organizational structure.

What comes across as a strong concept throughout the book is the concept of consumption and the area of production which plays an important area in the McDonaldization process is actually ignored. The concept of profit is touched upon is certain cases ( Ritzer 1996:44,62F)although it could have been better handled if the author had aimed it at through the rationalization process of production and consumption.

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