Essay: Rationalization Process

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Essay: Rationalization Process

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In such a layout, there is little room for oral exchanges as that is replaced by the media which caters to success tilting forms of behavior.  Oral exchanges allow greater understanding and relationship building while the media form of exchange leaves little exchanges, hence creating room for personal a communication problem.

By having such a mindset in which there is a divide between three important value forms such as science, art and law -the focus shifts away from the well being of the entire team, population to more of a individualized  focus.

This paper would go on to explain the impact that the above explained process has and in terms of its implementation in organizations. One important aspect of the rationalization process and the organization is the impact on the suppliers.

If one was to analyze some of the negative effects, they could be termed as market distortion, artificial creation of monopolies, and undesirable social outcomes (Frank, 1996).

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