Essay: How Rationality can Help Solve Issues in Organization

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Essay: How Rationality can Help Solve Issues in Organization

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The cultural differences in today’s time and period are a huge part of the social employment issues. When the workers are unable to get along due to basic integral personality conflicts and cultural traits, which therefore can have adverse effects on the organization itself (Coleman, 1994).

In order to avoid such a problem it has become important that the company has to make logical decisions to avoid such issues. Rationality can help to solve issues created by rationality itself. Rationality means to act in self-interest and according to reason.

If having acted purely in self-interest the company does continue to have a multicultural workforce whose varying cultural differences are being ignored in the pursuit of corporate aims, that can play havoc with the corporate environment. In order to avoid such a scenario, it is imperative that the medium of collective action should be replaced by a medium in which individual choices are also given importance (Buchanan 1991)

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