Essay: Rational Behavior Pattern

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Essay: Rational Behavior Pattern

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Humans turn to their own personal ideologies in order to make their actions appear rational or reasonable. Due to a variation in their personal ideologies, that results in illogical behavioral patterns. It needs to be seen that what is rational and whether it fits within the social setting of a particular organization (Bowles, 2001).

The social environment of each organization can vary and it the rational behavior of that organization does not fit into the social environment than that can create managerial issues.

Rational behavior has many variations in terms of some are profit seeking, utility maximizing, while others are egoistical and private, and thus all can be defined as under the heading of rational behavior.  The organization attempts to bring the aims in consideration with the rational behavior pattern as otherwise a conflict of aims and ends can be created (Boudon, 1981).

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