`Essay: Ratification Process in the United States of America

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`Essay: Ratification Process in the United States of America

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After the ratification of Delaware in the December of 1787, the next state to ratify the new Constitution was Pennsylvania whose vote was being unanimous. Following Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Jersey also ratified the new Constitution with unanimous votes. In the June of 1788 New Hampshire voted for the ratification of the New Constitution, fulfilling the requirement of ratification of nine original states, which was set by the Article Seven of the new Constitution.

The most problematic state was New York, because two third of the delegates were in opposition of the new Constitution. At that time Alexander became the leader of the Federalist movement. As a result the ratification process was almost a success in the sate of New York. Finally in the July of 1788, the New York ratified with an additional condition that the bill of right should be added in the new Constitution. (Berkin, 2003) This success was because of the Hamilton’s moderate dealing with Melancton Smith. On the other hand the ratification was opposed by the George Clinton who was the governor of New York at that time. This opposition showed that the state of New York still reserved the right to withdraw its vote for the new Constitution, if it is not amended. On September 13th, 1788, the Continental Congress passed a unanimous resolution to put new Constitution into complete effect. (Berkin, 2003)

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