Essay: Ratification of the Constitution

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Essay: Ratification of the Constitution

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The ratification of the Constitution was in the hands of old Congress. It had the power to block or expedite the ratification process. The document which was presented in Philadelphia Convention was initially just a revision of Articles of Confederation.

The last article of the new law stated that once the Constitution will be ratified by Convention in nine original states it will go into complete effect, especially constituted conventions followed and laborious process of ratification of the Constitution. (Berkin, 2003) At that time majority of the Americans thought that the approval of only nine states is not justified to bring Constitution into effect. It was because the Articles of Confederation could only been changed by a unanimous vote of all the states. All the thirteen states ratified the new Constitution, with Rhode Island to be the last state to ratify the Constitution in the May of 1789. (Berkin, 2003)  Three of the members of Convention were also the member of Congress which included James Madison. They moved towards New York, because of the fact that Congress was engaged in calming down any expected opposition.

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