Essay: Racial and religious profiling

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Essay: Racial and religious profiling

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There needs to be greater knowledge and amount of insight into the reality of what happened to make sure that millions of innocent people are not wrongly accused and punished for something that was vastly out of their control.

There needs to be proper verification of the incidents that transpired and eventually led to the catastrophe and their needs to be plenty of exercises to prevent racial and religious profiling and stereotyping that can further exacerbate the situation. The most important thing that can alleviate the condition is an increase in awareness and education amongst the people in order to prevent them from jumping onto conclusions.


Though the tragedy that occurred on the 11th September, 2001 was inexcusable but holding the entire community responsible for it was highly unfair and unacceptable. Atrocities were committed from both sides and therefore, holding only one party should not be the right way of dealing with conflicts and issues.

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