Essay: Public speaking

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Essay: Public speaking

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Always back your argument with sufficient amount of evidences from actual literature, in order to validate your claims and various clauses that you have presented in your speech. The most important of speeches is that you need to give relevant regard to the works of all the researchers and authors, whose studies that you have used in your speech because it can result in accidental plagiarism resulting in a reduction in the credibility of the speaker. Visual aids can also help speakers to explain their point in order to enable the audience to comprehend the speaker’s arguments well. (Hamilton, 2003)

Cheryl Hamilton has laid great emphasis in ethical and moral implications associated with public speaking and these constitute the first chapter of her literature to demonstrate the importance of it in public speaking. Public speaking is an art and involves a combination of body language and intonation that ensures maximum comprehension on part of the audience and therefore, Hamilton has meticulously encompassed all these points in her book.

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