Essay: Progressive Iran

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Essay: Progressive Iran

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For instance, the law that grants an individual the freedom of expression further restricts that “so-called” freedom by saying that an individual is free to express himself if he does so within the teachings of Islam and does not violate the rights of other human beings. Both the aforementioned factors are then defined by the law and therefore, there is very little freedom of expression granted to the people. Besides the oppression of women and discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities predominantly the Baha’i community, there has been a number of secret executions in Iran that catapulted the official number of executions in Iran to 556 in the year 2010. (Bajoria, 2011 & Afshari, 2011, 45-49)

Furthermore, it was reported that there are even cases of juveniles on death row but the claims were deemed as rumors by the authorities. Though, the situation seems bleak but there is still room for reforms and policy option that can help alleviate the situation in Iran. Even the youth are actively participating to help bring about reforms that would eradicate these human rights violation and lay the foundations of a more progressive Iran and improve their international reputation.

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