Essay: Production Process in Hotel and Boeing Industry

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Essay: Production Process in Hotel and Boeing Industry

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The interfaces of the processes themselves are a huge contrast- Boeing‘s processes were primarily linked by the supplier chain and the production chain while the Hotel’s processes were linked by the consumer and his demands. Hence, while one required more technical finesse one required greater consumer knowledge.

The communication and information channel were pretty different as well. Boeing was more careful about meeting their time and production schedules and hence, time was the key. Time efficiency did play a role but quality had a huge role in play in the upkeep of any Hotel and its demand. Hence, the basic differences were due to the difference in priorities.

The improvements in the Hotel business were done in over a shorter time and were easy to carry out while the modification of Boeing required greater time and carried more risk as well.

Hence, this paper reviewed a case study while highlighting a cross comparison between two industries and their subsequent production processes.

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