Essay: The Problem of Division within the Muslim Community

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Essay: The Problem of Division within the Muslim Community

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The division within the Muslim community has caused a lot of problems for Muslims. All the groups are in opposition with one another. This is the root cause of Muslims becoming enemy of fellow Muslims. Due to their different point of view they consider their opponent group to their enemy. This problem within the Muslim community can be solved when the Muslims will return to their original source i.e. Qur’an and the Sunnah. The deviated Muslims are likely to create mischief in the land.


The message of Islam is to spread peace and love; today there are lots of misconceptions about Islam in the western society. Islam does not allow the killings of the innocent people. The term jihad means to strive and struggle in search of the truth, it does not mean killing of innocents. Islam gives rights to the women and gives them the equal status in the society. Islam promotes education and makes it compulsory for every man and woman. The spread of Islam was not based on force or killings of innocent but Islam conquered the hearts of the people. Muslim leaders like Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was the example of the most humane and chivalrous conqueror, who brave crusaders for more than twenty five years and who was finally successful in pushing back the combined forces of Europe. There is a desperate need to remove these misconceptions about the contemporary issues of Islam.

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