Essay: Why Poets use Imagery

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Essay: Why Poets use Imagery

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Imagery is used to express the feelings of the poet; “garners, grain”, ripened grain” which all reinforce the idea of the fulfillment of time. The harvest is being used as a paradox as though it is being used to express the completion and fulfillment of an activity; it is being used to define the completion of a certain activity it is being used to define the end of time as well. Images are presented which allow Keats to perceive the deeper meanings behind these natural or physical phenomena “huge cloudy symbols”.

Love is shown to be a cause of concern and confusion-it is actually as important an emotion as it is perceived to be or is just another feeling which has been given undue importance. His concern with time becomes even more evident by the end of the poem as there is a repetition of the word “when”. Love is given two qualities-the ability to change the entire world for the people experiencing this emotion and it is more of an involvement of emotion rather than of thought.

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