Essay: Philosophy in Business Ethics

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Essay: Philosophy in Business Ethics

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The paper would seek to examine the legal and ethical ramifications of FCC proposed changes which would result in BSSL either benefitting or losing out due to these changes,. As has been proved, they would be not beneficial for the organization.

This paper would seek to examine the gal and ethical considerations which allow the mergers and consolidations of corporations in the Media industry and this paper would analyze the case of BSSL in order to determine the effects on the employees and the company.

The employees have opposed the changes in the FCC regulations as mergers and consolidations result in a change in the management set-up and the company’s organizational set-up as well. Some employees are sent away while others are hired at the expense of the existing ones. As per the FCC regulations, these mergers will allow a greater share in the overall print and media industry while at the same time increasing the geographic control within the market. This would further exacerbate the issues that would be a cause of concern for the employees and the BSSl.

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