Essay: Participative leadership

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Essay: Participative leadership

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Another classical style of leadership was defined as the participative leadership which has been referred to the democratic or consultative style as well. This style of leadership allows the subordinates to take part in the decision making process.

This leadership style emerged when the autocratic style of leadership resulted in high levels of demotivation and turnover. However, even this leadership style has not yielded the most favorable of results as the ultimate power did lie with the leader and that sense of awareness persisted in the organizational set up. Participatory style of leadership is supposed to denote a leadership in which the subordinates and the leader make the decisions together but the decisions in effect, were being made by the leaders. (Spillane 2004).

The last sort of laissez-faire style o of leadership is one in which the subordinates are allowed to make their own decisions and it is a delegative system as the leaders delegate the authority and decision making power to the subordinates.

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