Essay: Overcoming work-family conflicts

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Essay: Overcoming work-family conflicts

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Different job-designs and perks aimed at facilitating different employees as per their personal needs definitely leads to higher productivity of employees as they feel sense of attachment and affiliation with their organization and in order to be successful organizations have to pursue one or more such strategies. For example in order to overcome work-family conflicts and to increase productivity, employers should introduce family friendly programs for workers having family. It is also seen that any such conflict leads to such drastic results as absenteeism, turnovers, less productivity etc. On the other hand productivity of employees is seen to increase when they are being offered benefits like flexi-hours, child care centers and telecommuting etc. (Kossek & Ozeki, 1999)

Another study conducted by (Batt, & Valcour, 2001, p.2) found that “the most effective organizational responses to work-family conflict and to turnover are those that combine work-family policies with other human resource practices, including work redesign and commitment-enhancing incentives.” So the importance of transmuting human resource strategies as a way to improve worker’s productivity carries significant importance in any work-setting.

However, with changing demographics in USA and a work environment dominated by singles, having such policies has been causing antagonism among other employees and they feel deserted and ignored. Again the answer lies in devising different policies for different people and different needs (Wells, 2007).

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