Essay: Overcoming regions through use of military strength

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The environment over which the US policy makers have no control and consequently, the results would be quite different from what would have been aimed at. Edward Luttwak, a historian who wrote a lot on strategic theory and how the use of attrition and the maneuver would result in the attainment of the goal. Through the use of the superior power and manpower strength, the US in this case, would be able to attain their set purposes and aims.

However, what has been clearly overlooked is the case of historic attempts to overcome regions through use of military strength alone which have clearly proved to be a failure. Examples of the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the US invasion of Vietnam all bear testimony to the fact that through use of military strength alone nothing much can be achieved.

In Luttwak’s words “Instead of seeking out the enemy’s concentration of strength, since that is where the targets are to be found in bulk, the starting point of relational maneuver is the avoidance of the enemy’s strengths, followed by the application of some selective superiority against presumed enemy weaknesses, physical or psychological, technical or organizational”.

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