Essay: On the Job Training

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Essay: On the Job Training

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Most training takes place on the job because this approach is simple to implement and is usually inexpensive. (Robbins &.Coulter 1999) On-the-job training involves job instruction whilein order to improve the actual performance of employees on the job(Schermerhoen& Hunt & Osborn 1997) in airbus, the employees needed to learn how to work with strangers and how to increase their work efficiency.

The training communication facility appeared to be an advantage in the favor of airbus. The first step of on-the-job training in airbus was to create a trusting and cooperative environment. This is what is heavily required by airbus. To create a supportive culture for diversity is a complicate process as it requires all the group members’ effort. A Trusting and cooperative environment are the foundation of this process.

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