Essay: Old economic models

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Essay: Old economic models

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The paper outlined the reasons for the debacle of certain companies for the last 25 yeas, proving ways to the reader that these failures could have been avoided. Certain techniques failure of adoption resulted in the above losses and hence, the reader was made aware of avoiding such actions which could result in the above. History was outlined in order to show that old economic models could no longer function in the present eras.

Those companies which failed to realize the importance of flexibility as a result failed and slowly faded from the market.

Certain guiding principles were brought forward which allowed the reader a comprehensive understanding if what was required to avoid such complete disasters and what sort of strategies were needed to be adopted.

In conclusion, the reader was made aware of the ways certain successes were tuned into failures due to complacency on the behalf of these companies and how it could have been avoided with proper recourse.

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