Essay: The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease

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Essay: The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease

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The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease is seen in less than 50 years of age one out of seven patients, and the occurrence increases with the increase in age. At the moment there are approximately 4.1 million individuals suffering with PD all over the world. Its prevalence in developed countries is just about 0.3%. (Metz, 2009) the percentage exceeds to one percent in individuals above sixty years that increases to three percent for individuals that are older than eighty years. (Huse, 2009) Within the USA, Parkinson’s disease affects nearly hundred to one hundred eighty individuals out of every 100,000 individuals and shows a yearly occurrence of four to twenty out of every 100,000 individuals. The prevalence of the disease increases with the rise in the aging of population. (Ellis, 2007) It has been estimated that there will be a rise in the occurrence of the disease in upcoming years; however its medical intrusions will participate to a great extent in combating with the extensive range of unmet requirements connected with the disorder.

Statistics show a market of $5.9bn in the worldwide retailing of Parkinson’s disease restorative therapeutics that is far more than the last year’s values which used to be $4.6bn. (Dragunow, 2008) Incomes gained from the authorized Parkinson’s disease remedies all over the world (in major countries like America, England and France) found out to be more than $2.2 billion in 2007. A rise of revenues that is equivalent to approximately $6.4bn is anticipated by the end of 2015. (Metz, 2009) Due to advancement in the therapies, a reduction in the number of deaths due to Parkinson’s disease is highly expected in next five to ten years. (Metz, 2009)

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