Sample Essay

The “generation” gap is presented as one of the major causes behind this normative slavery. A slavery which comes across each time a black woman goes to the grocery store. It is a slavery which penetrates the existence of each and every black girl born today.

The sad fact is that the older generation and the present generation refuses to align themselves to overcome these and hence, these differences are passed down generation by generation. Examples of art and literature are presented as the suffering occupancies which have had to face the brunt of a society which has been relentless in its pursuit of power and autonomy. The oppressed continue to be oppressed for the sake of maintaining the status quo and the power of the dominant ones.

The differences that exist between women even today have been overlooked by the fairer sex due to their fight of equality. For them the fight is about obtaining their won rights and hence, the oppression of the black women in particular, is somehow overlooked by them. The author outlines the basic weakness that exists even within women themselves.

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