Essay: New Jersey Plan

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Essay: New Jersey Plan

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The delegates consisted largely of planters, lawyers and merchants who reflected their regional as well as their personal interests. (Berkin, 2003) But the most remarkable thing was that the degree of compromises which the delegates managed to subordinate their interests at a very critical time. Most of the delegates were experienced in state as well as colonial government. There were some delegates who had experience in the law and armed forces of United States of America.

Seventeen delegates were slave owners and just eight had signed the Declaration of Independence. Another remarkable thing related to the event was that the most prominent personalities such as Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee and John Adams did not attend the Convention. (Berkin, 2003) In the meeting the amendments in the Articles were denied and the focus was diverted towards more sweeping changes. The discussion took another turn when the issue was raised about the foundation of the government. Some of the delegates supported New Jersey Plan while the others were in support of the Virginia Plan. After few days the New Jersey Plan was completely let down. Two of the important questions were raised. One was about the representation of the legislators, the question was whether there should be more number of legislators for the large states or the representation should be equal for all the states.

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