Essay: Neutral and inner directed culture in USA and France

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Essay: Neutral and inner directed culture in USA and France

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A specific culture is the one where private and public life is supposed to be managed separately. However diffused culture allows its people to interlink their private and public life (Workman, 2008). USA has a higher specificity in its culture as compared to France. However, France is also a specific culture having lower position than USA in this regard (Trompenaar’s, 2009).

                 A neutral culture is the one where people are not supposed to show their feelings to others whereas affective culture is largely shaped by feelings and emotions of people (Workman, 2008). Value assigned to USA on this scale is 43 and that to France is 30. It means both the cultures are somewhat bent towards an emotional setting. However France is a rather more emotional culture than USA.

In an inner directed culture, people have the capacity to take the burden of their own deeds. However culture driven by external behaviour is largely shaped by its surroundings. People belonging to this culture believe that their destiny is a function of external environment. People of United States are highly inner directed (Workman, 2008).

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