Essay: Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002

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Essay: Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002

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In addition to the above, the immigration authorities no longer provide routine permission to individuals from unsafe nations which have created problems for people from countries such as Somalia. The current policy is moving towards inducting policies on the lines of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002-by having induction centers, smart identity cards, accommodation centers etc. The most important change has been to disallow these people to work making it less lucrative for these people to seek asylum and by taking away their basic support of a certain amount, the U.K. government is on the right path to amend a situation which has become a huge cause of concern for it.

The European convention on Human rights currently does not allow those people to get deported who are considered to be a risk to security. In the current times, when the entire world is facing security issues and especially a multicultural society like the United Kingdom, this aspect of the European Convention on Human rights needs to be waived or ignored in order to ensure that the immigration procedure is rectified.

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