Essay: Mysterious Killer in The Big Clock

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Essay: Mysterious Killer in The Big Clock

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In most case, those closest to the person sought ways to down play their connection in order to avoid the responsibly of helping the detectives. This movie sheds light on such a scenario as the actual killer immediately sought ways to prove his own innocence while creating a false claim of a mysterious killer.

The only reason that the urgency was shown to find the actual killer was to remove himself from the murderer’s list. The innocent were falsely blamed in such cases as those being higher up on the power calendar had ways to remove themselves quite cleverly from the reach of justice.

The mute aide of Janoth, Henry Morgan, appears as a character who makes Stroud constantly aware of the tenacious hold that he has over his life right now. Henry Morgan, however, himself does not seem too favorable towards his boss as if disapproving of the nefarious actions that his boss has engaged in.

Stroud finds himself trapped by the big clock, constantly aware of the people who are looking for him. The big clock which is present in the building presents the personality of Janoth himself; menacing and deadly.

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