Sample Essay

“Let us ask…how things work at the level of on-going subjugation, at the level of those continuous and uninterrupted processes which subject our bodies, govern our gestures, dictate our behaviors, etc….we should try to discover how it is that subjects are gradually, progressively, really and materially constituted through a multiplicity of organisms, forces, energies, materials, desires, thoughts, etc. We should try to grasp subjection in its material instance as a constitution of subjects.” (ibid, p.97)

The above quotes all explain the fact that power is created through a number of forms and mediums and its impact on the family structure is clearly visible as well. In the case of Foucault and his studies, power is evident through the belief an in the case of more conservative societies, the power would belong to the father figure while in the case of those societies where the set up is concerned with the economic dependence and all, than the power can be with the bread winner even if it happens to be the kid who is earning it.

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