Essay: Modern Media Industry Depicted in The Big Clock

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Essay: Modern Media Industry Depicted in The Big Clock

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“[The Big Clock] is a near, perfect match for the book, telling in generally superb visual style a tale set against the backdrop of upscale of 1940s New York and offering an early(but accurate) depiction of the  modern media industry”.

The innocent man has to face the “gallows” due to the power being in the hands of his boss only. The big clock for him is way to measure the amount of time he as left to prove himself or be prepared for persecution.

The assistant teams of Janoth all represent the power hungry individuals who seek all means to down trod the weaker ones and seek illegal means to prove their own agendas and causes.

The irony of being handed the task of finding the man who the mistress spent the night with, Stroud seeks to disrupt the activities of a super successful sleuth team in order to prevent his own destruction.

The provision of clues and the build of a murder mystery all are norms of an industry which has seen numerous cases of unresolved cases in which the victims; actors, actresses, producers etc, were killed under mysterious circumstances.

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