Essay: The modern age of Christianity

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Essay: The modern age of Christianity

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Through the course of time Christian death rituals have changed a lot. Historians like Robert Kastenbaum and Philippe Aries have detailed these changes in their works such as “The Final Passage through Life and Death” by Robert Kastenbaum and the “Wstern Attitudes toward Death” by Philippe Aries. Catholics kept the ancient rituals of death while Protestants completely changed it.

The secular society of eighteenth century faded away the influence of Christian death rituals in the Western culture but the fact is that nothing has quite taken their place. We have learned a lot about death from the modern medicine and modern science. With the help of these studies we are able to treat the sick and the dying person. Medieval Christians have totally different meaning of death which the modern science can not define. For the medieval Christians it was a gateway to another world while dying in the twenty first century is like the end of everything. The fact is that the old customs and rituals are having a hard time in the twenty first century.

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