Essay: Methods of education and learning

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Essay: Methods of education and learning

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Other elements which made me reconsider my opinion were the fact that individualism plays an important role in deciding the future of any person. All of us possess different qualities and skills and these need to be accounted for. The example of Sudbury school of democratic thinking can be analyzed which asserts the idea of the various methods of education and learning.

Main ideas:

i) There were certain assumptions that were made by me regarding this topic and problem. Initially according to me the provision of the best teachers, facilities and good educational standards would be sufficient to bring about the best educational methodology for the children. Teachers playing a dominant role and hence, if hired the best, could result in optimal results was a major assumption made on the behalf of the author of this paper. If the teachers were good at what they did, there was not much else for the schools to do.

Another important assumption that was made was the provision of the required facilities-from laboratories to adequate gaming zones and areas.

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