Essay: Media use by Sony Corporation

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Essay: Media use by Sony Corporation

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Sony works with its suppliers with the feel of an equal partner in the organization. The management and other workers respect the company’s suppliers and work with them with mutual understanding and trust. This is how they use this influence to build profitable relationship with the suppliers and make them feel equal to other members in the organization.

The company makes its suppliers adhere to all the laws, legislations and policies relating to its procurement, warehousing and other activities. They all work together in collaboration to reduce the impact of parts and material on the surrounding environment. Sony further manages its relationship with suppliers through E-commerce. The timely, efficient and flexible supply chain management help the company meets the customers’ demands adequately.

The shareholders of the Sony Corporation include Moxley and Company, Japan Trustee Service Bank Limited, State Street Bank and Company, and other companies and banks. Its subsidiaries include Sony EMCS Corporation, Sony Global Solutions Inc., Sony Supply Chain Solutions Inc., etc. All these stakeholders and shareholders have been dealt with properly at the Sony Corporation. The company regularly holds the shareholders’ meeting and has completely implemented the Article of Incorporation and Share Handling Regulations in the shareholding body of the business. Moreover, it overlooks all the activities of its mergers/subsidiaries adequately and effectively. Sony uses exclusive media to outweigh its competitors and add positioning to its products. It seldom advertises its products through usual television channels or radio documentaries. It mostly uses internet, newspapers and other exclusive media for the promotion of its products to selective market segments.

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