Sample Essay

The reason for measuring ability is done in order to establish each person’s special capacity and skills which can be done through a number of standardized testing methods, evaluation methods etc.  (Snowman 2006)

As can be notified through a number of average tests, aptitude tests each person is provided with an insight into what their capacity is. An example can be taken of the standardized test known as the SAT or the Act which tests for the person’s verbal and math abilities.  Usually those do better on the math side are more prone towards analytical field while those who score better on the verbal test usually go on to do something in the field of writing and research.

However, whether this form of educational psychology has been successful in achieving its goals of establishing the different abilities and the special set of skills through a number of counter-productive measures has to be established. Important factors have to be noted such as the genetic and external environment factors which can result in a variation of the actual capacity from that established the intelligence test’s value.(Mitchell 2008)

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