Essay: Mcdonaldization

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Essay: Mcdonaldization

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There have been instances-increasing in number-that the newer areas of business expertise are making use of this process. Everything is handled and managed in a way to control the perceptions and mindset of people.

There have been five dominant themes which were outlined by Ritzer in his book which center on the idea of efficiency, calculability, predictability, increased control, and the replacement of human by non-human technology.

The first one deals with the notion of efficiency and it is basically translated as the use of means in order to reach a goal or aim with the least amount of time and effort. The idea of efficiency can be seen by the way the people in different business or industries perceive it to be as it can differ for different business structures. This is viewed as a benefit and advantage to the customer in all respects and forms. The different ways that this is achieved can be seen through the use of the ATM machine, voice mail, and drive-up window services salad bars etc which all cater to reducing the time required for that business purpose.

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