Essay: McDonaldization process

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Essay: McDonaldization process

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There are aspects of this process which are clearly interlinked with the traditional values and the claims of the author of the McDonaldization process being the cause of the modernists is undermining this important area and aspect of the McDonaldization process. While the rationalization process of production and consumption are areas and aspect of the McDonaldization process, they clearly do not overtake the entire meaning and existence of the entire process.

In fact, the reality of the process is the fact that the McDonaldization process does not only relate to Weber’s theory of rationalization and Marx’s theory of commodification but there are other postmodern elements which are connected to it.

Ritzer’s attempts to distance the analysis of post modernity from the McDonaldization process are in connection to his failure to bring out the connections between the cultural dimension and the McDonaldization process. An important area of the postmodern theory is the cultural aspect which has been linked with the transactional culture that is enacted upon this McDonaldization process and created even further.

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