Essay: Manufacturing and Restructuring in Airbus

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Essay: Manufacturing and Restructuring in Airbus

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Transformational factors (yellow) determine the transactional factors (green):structure, management practices, systems and work unit climate. As result of the above linkage, negative consequences are created. Such as the culture clash which is unavoidable in such a multiple cultural corporation.

The different languages cause difficulties in communication. Staffs suffers from trust issues are unable to understand the different work customs. In order to raise the success rate relative to other corporations, the top management pursues its own agendas. Hence, causing a clash with the middle management. The target of producing more has a negative effect on the quality of work itself and by not meeting these targets the work groups suffer due to the complex wiring issues. Increasing the staff’s pressure and tension levels. The newly introduced automated system has alleviated these pressure levels.

In order to achieve the above mentioned targets, airbus had to implement a constructive strategy regarding manufacturing and restructuring. One of the aims of this strategy was to achieve integration and to improve the productivity level. However, that was a complete failure. The plan of selling components of the factories and laying off 10,000 jobs people only increased the levels of pressure and fear amongst the workforce.

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