Essay: The Management of the Hotel

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Essay: The Management of the Hotel

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The management had to chalk out the responsibilities of its own management team – with certain schedules. All the above could be compared to the case scenario of Boeing which too risk required a careful risk analysis but in that case it was more to do with the huge capita deployment and the low success rate of the industry. Though the Hotel had a risk of investing so much capital, the risk factor more came into play not due so much due to the fear of success itself but due to the unfavorable external environment.

The management of the Hotel had to more expertise in customer relationship while the management involved in the case of Boeing was required to have greater expertise in the engineering and technical side. The management in Boeing also had greater individual responsibilities as there were separate design teams etc while the management in regard to the Hotel was designated more by its post.

The responsibilities could be compared as well as- Boeing had a management which was involved more with the product development itself while the  Hotel Management was more involved with the customers directly.

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