Essay: The main objective of Hector and Achilles in Iliad

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Essay: The main objective of Hector and Achilles in Iliad

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While talking about the differences, we can notice a clear contrast in the personalities of the two characters, Hector and Achilles. Hectors is a family-oriented man, who is dedicated to his child and wife more than his wars.  While, Achilles is more towards living in solitude or with his close friend, Patroclus. Then, Hector has been easily fooled by the victories which gave him temporary satisfaction and he fails with it. Achilles, on the contrary, has been a realistic hero, who is brave and far-sighted enough to face the reality with courage.

Still, at some places in the story, it is evident that, Hector possesses the qualities of standing out in terms of bravery, leadership of high profile, inspiring courage and good ethics and morale, thus proving himself to be a true hero in Iliad. While, Achilles only depicted the fighting precision and bravery in his personality, he has been total opposite to Hector. The main objective of Hector is to secure and protect his family and shield them against the war, whereas, Achilles had to become the symbol of fame and honor through his harsh nature and rash bravery. Unlike Hector, Achilles proves to be more human, by using his nature, emotions and the code of war that he had been learning throughout his childhood.  (Homer & Samuel, 21-46)

Though, most of the people would be admiring Achilles due to his bravery and courage in warfare, however, I prefer to favor Hector over him. This is because, in my opinion, Hector has kept a somewhat balanced life by dedicating himself to war as well as to his home. He has proven himself to be the man of emotions, and the one who understands his responsibilities. Though, he might not be considered that great a warrior, but his humane nature has given him the capabilities to lead a good life.

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