Essay: The main cues in the movie Alice

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Essay: The main cues in the movie Alice

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The main cues in the movie occur when Joe enters Alice’s life and when she finally meets the mysterious herbalist Dr. Yang. Her love for Joe makes her realize the void that had been in her that she tried to fill by maintaining herself and this is the main point where the viewer realizes that the story is about to take a very important turn. Her becoming infatuated with showed that she was only attracted to her husband because of his looks and his money and she did not really love him at all. Dr. Yang’s herbal medicine helps her realize her true dreams and ferret out exactly what is missing in her life. (King, 2001, P.p 105-108)

From an upscale and well-maintained Manhattan woman, Alice transforms into a much more sensitive individual and realizes the needs of everyone around her. With Dr. Yang’s help, she is not only able to learn truths about her own self but people whom she had known for such a long time. With the herbs given to her by Dr. Yang she is able t express her feeling and discover what she truly wants. She further discovers that her gossip-mongering friends in fact were not really her friends either and gossiped about her behind her back, which she finds out when she is invisible. She finds out that her husband has been having an affair all this and she was feeling guilty for cheating on him with Joe. Her mental conflicts are resolved when learns these truths and this becomes the starting whereby, she starts a journey to discover herself. (King, 2001, P.p 105-108)

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