Essay: Machines managing and carrying out the work

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Essay: Machines managing and carrying out the work

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For the human per see, everything is planned and done for him before hand and he operates as a mere obedient automation machine which operates as ordered by machine with no thinking on his behalf being carried out. If one was to look at the different areas of one’s life, it could be seen that from the kitchen to the living room, all of us make effective use of technology in one way or another.

The machines do the tasks for us and us being treated as mere handlers of them. As per the claim of Ritzer:

“the next step in this development is to have the customer do the scanning”

Ritzer (1994: 150)

This comment clearly indicates the fact that the humans have over time allowed the machines to overtake them in this case of managing and carrying out the work. The computer and machines have been accepted as the measurement criteria by which we assess ourselves and our skills. What is being seen as a development is that the human skills and capabilities are being rapidly eroded in the fact of development and the humans are merely being used in order to facilitate the processes of the machinery.

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