Essay: Legalization of HIV-positive individuals

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Essay: Legalization of HIV-positive individuals

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United States is the only country which came out with legalization which actually enforced discriminatory attitude towards HIV-positive individuals as they are not allowed entry in the US and hence, has been boycotted from one of the leading AIDS research organizations such as the International AIDS society.

It has been only after the end of the twentieth century that some sort of legal recognition of the same-sex partnership has come into place. However, still there are a number of laws which prohibit marriage, adoption and even access to alternative insemination to homosexual couples such as gays and lesbians.

One such case was initiated in the state of Utah during 1995, when an entire wave of such preemptive legislation and referenda took place throughout the entire United States in order to nullify the idea and notion of gay marriages. This legalization went on for a period of five years and covered a record thirty one states.

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