Essay: Language development

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Essay: Language development

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Language development is important for learning and living and it goes beyond the growth of vocabulary.  Language is used in a number of scenarios such as talking to people, sharing and releasing of feelings, giving and obtaining information.

A child’s communicative and listening skills are enhanced when they play with other children and talk with adults. In the course of their education, the children become aware and utilize a number of forms of communication such as drawing, painting, drama and other types of non-verbal communication.

The development of language occurs in an environment with the following characteristics:

  1. The children have a number of play activities and during play they are encouraged to speak about their feelings, ideas, achievements, and experiences to each other and to the adults.
  2. A relaxed atmosphere to facilitate effective interaction between the child and the adult.
  3. A well stocked library of information and story books should be easily accessible to the children and it should be stocked according to their race, interest, culture, and needs. The books should also be available in a number of areas of their play.
  4. The children should be encouraged to notice the print within the environment and they should have access to various forms of writing and painting materials.
  5. The children should be provided with an opportunity to listen to rhymes and stories told. The stories and the rhymes can be read to the children on a one-to-one situation or in a small or large group.


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