Essay: Language used in Dancing with Wolves

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Essay: Language used in Dancing with Wolves

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Hence, his strive for release from his “sin” is sought in alcohol and alienating himself from the rest of the world. John Dunbar also strives to seek a release for a life in which he would be nothing but a mere cripple.

The movie received great recognition and even won several awards for the way it portrayed a character who was caught between a past life and a newer life. Another surprising element about the movie was the fact that most of the film’s dialogues wee in the Lakota Language, with English subtitles. As of present, this had not been done so and therefore, the movie was able to set of its own standards.

It was selected in the year 2007, for the purposes of preservation in the United States National Film registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant.

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